Hazmat Endorsement – Tough to Get But More Pay For those That Do

Hazmat Endorsement – The Toughest CDL Endorsement To Get But Huge Rewards For Thos That Do

When you go out to get your CDL license to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace as an employee, there are a variety of endorsements that you can attach to it.

First off, you should aim to get your Class A license right off the bat. The Class B license is cool but it limits the number of jobs you can get since a Class be does not allow you to pull a trailer of any kind.

All the possible endorsements that can attach to your CDL are actually quite a few. First is the doubles and triples endorsement that will allow you to haul double and triple trailers behind a truck.

Then you have the passenger endorsement which, as you could already guess, allows a driver to haul around passengers like in a bus or larger shuttle van. Anything over 5 passengers requires a passenger endorsement.

Next, you have the tank endorsement. This allows the driver to operate commercial vehicles that have a tank attached to the truck. Tanks filled with liquids make a truck move a whole lot different than any other truck and make it really unbalance on the road, such as water trucks, propane trucks, and concrete trucks.

The toughest endorsement as far as educating and learning it all is the hazards endorsement.

The hazard endorsement is incredibly complicated. It is mind-numbing and boring to learn, thus making it difficult to pass the test for it.

In California, the test consists of 30 questions and you must pass it at 80 percent meaning that when you take the test, you can only miss 6 questions. If you miss more than that, you fail.

Furthermore, in order to get it, you must retake all of your previous tests and endorsements to be able to attach the hazard endorsement to your current CDL.

Yea, I know. That sucks!

That is why it’s important to go ahead and get it the moment you get your CDL in the first place. You have a period within a year after taking all of your tests to take it without having to redo them all so if you’ve just gotten your CDL, you better get out and do it!

When you break it down, learning the stuff you need to pass the hazard endorsement test comes down to 3 major parts and areas.

First off, it’s learning that all hazardous materials that need to be shipped all get shipped with 3 hands. You have the shipper, the actual company or business that supplies the materials that need to be shipped. Then you have the receiver. This is, for the most part, your boss. Then, it’s you, the actual delivery driver.

As you begin to study the guide you will start to see that the shipper is responsible for a lot of the labeling. They must give the receiver all of the proper paperwork to go along with what they ship as well and signed documents certifying it all according to shipping laws.

The receiver, your boss, is responsible for making sure all of the materials and products are properly packaged to be set on a truck for deliveries.

Then you, as the driver are responsible for know what placards to put on your truck, always having all of your paperwork easily and readily available at all time should an accident or leak ever occurs.

Everything to do with getting your hazard endorsement is set up for the safety of you the driver and the public on the road.

You have to learn 8 basic hazardous materials that are shipped like flammable liquids, flammable solids, radioactive material, and corrosive chemicals. All of these hazardous materials fall under all of these categories.

It’s tough to learn it all but once you do you will become just that more valuable.

New opportunities will open up for you. You can drive fuel trucks, small propane delivery trucks, trucks that deliver swimming pool supplies, asphalt paving companies, and even some huge junk removal companies, and so on.

The great thing about having your hazards endorsement is that there are few and far between drivers that actually have it. Too many drivers find the test too difficult to pass so the just skip it. this closes up tons of doors for them and leaves those doors wide open for the driver with the determination and will to pass the test.

This simple endorsement can make the difference between someone making $20 an hour to making $24 to $26 an hour instead. That is a salary of going from $41, 000 a year to making $52,000 a year!

Think about it.

Really study. Be diligent. Pass the hazard endorsement test and make some more money!

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