Millennials Looking For Work? Get A CDL & Get A High Paying Job Today!

With so many of you youngsters coming out of school, and a lot of you with debt up to your eyeballs, finding a decent paying job has been proven to be quite a difficult task.

Sucks to say, but a lot of you have gotten pretty much some worthless degrees that don’t offer any type of high-income employment. And, believe it or not, driving a truck can make you a decent living.

Here is the thing…

I am not talking about over-the-road, gone seven days week, type of truck driving jobs. I am talking about a normal 40-hour week5 days a week, with benefits, vacation pay, and overtime pay type of job.

You see, every single town in this country is always looking for good reliable commercial drivers for their local businesses and a lot of these jobs pay in above normal wage. The reason that they pay better is that finding a good reliable CDL driver is a very difficult thing to do.

Let me give you a very simple example.

And the local Lowe’s store in my town of Paso Robles California, the average employee there earns about $13. Not too bad really. What you get to some management levels you can start earning around $15 to $17 an hour. Give it a few years and you might eventually start hitting the $20 an hour mark. Not too bad right?

But get this.

Let’s say that you are 23 years old and currently have your CDL license, you can drive the Lowe’s commercial delivery truck that runs 5 days ago, full benefits, vacation and holiday pay, and immediately start earning over $20 an hour and even have the opportunity to earn overtime which is not allowed to all other Lowe’s Associates other then management.

You can start earning that type of money with having little to zero retail experience.

Now check this out,

Every single town in the United States of America has one of the highest paying jobs a person can get and is extremely needed and will be around forever. These guys are garbage truck drivers. Yet another job that desperately needs good CDL drivers. These workers get holiday pay vacation pay and usually good health care benefits. A lot of these companies also have their own roll-off trucks. Again, a much-needed service and another a reliable job.

There are also a lot of other companies that constantly require CDL drivers. There are septic tank cleaning trucks that need to be driven, electrical supply trucks, plumbing supply delivery, roofing supply delivery, a cleaning company, and all sorts of different construction delivery trucks that all need good quality CDL drivers.

There are construction companies that will hire you even though you know nothing about the construction that you are in simply because you have a CDL license to drive their big rigs around. This puts you in an immediate position of value and therefore are paid a much better rate of pay and just a regular run-of-the-mill work that starts off at the very bottom learning a trade.

So you see, for all you Millennials out there that are thinking about what type of work you guys could do right off the bat that will earn you a decent income.

Do not glaze your eyes over the career of becoming a CDL driver. There are many school programs out there that can get you a CDL driver’s license for around $5,000 these days. When you really think about it, that is really a remarkably small price to pay for a license that will make you rise out amongst the crowd. Check out this driving school in union NJ and see what they offer.

It is a job that requires skill. It is a job that’s going to be here for the Long Haul. Can’t really say that a lot of these CDL driving jobs will be gone in the near future by self-driving trucks.

Maybe a lot of those long-haul cross-country trucks but one day be driven by robots. But it’s going to be remarkably difficult to have one of those robots deliver Concrete in the concrete mixing truck, or deliver propane out into the country and a small propane delivery truck.

So get out there, and grab up a CDL license. Doing this, will pretty much guarantee you a decent-paying job if you want one tomorrow.

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